Kalvträsk offers excellent opportunities for hiking in a beautiful and rugged forest environment. Their starting point is at White Mounain Lodge

The longest route is 30km in total and stretches over heights, creeks, and streams, and through forests and mire. The destination for this route is Avaberg with its beautiful view over the lakes Holmträsket and Vitträsket.

There are boat houses and camp sites in Avaberg that can be used for a well deserved brake. A short stop at Vitträsket will also allow you to visit the notorious Bear cave.

The trail then continues from Avaberg following an old log driving trail alongside Holmträsket to Holmsundpassagen. Form there, it follows the lake Stenselet until it reaches Sagoön (Fairytale island) at the bottom of Vitberget. A visit to the top of Vitberget is highly recommended. There, at 500 meters above sea level, there is an old fire scouting tower that has been restored to an observation tower. The view from the tower is incredible as you can see large parts of Västerbotten from there if the weather is clear.

The hiking trail from Vitberget continues along the lake Stensträsket following the old log driving trail to Svartådammen. Here you can find a place to make fire and rest. The trail then continues along the stream Svartån followed by an area of forest and mire before it brings you back to White Mountain Lodge again.

For more information, contact: Björn Bergström, +46702194941, bjorn@whitemountainlodge.se

Map over the hiking trails in Kalvträsk