Kalvträsk Outdoor Cooking School with Erik” The Wild Chef” Brännström

If you want to learn and experience the real taste of Northern Sweden, then the Kalvträsk Outdoor cooking school is the right way to go. In this class we use the old traditional way to cook outdoors over open fire. Using local specialties and ingredients from the forest gives you a true taste of Kalvträsk

The cooking area is beautiful situated in the forests close to base camp and surrounded by a mirror-like pond. As a guest you help with preparations, finding and picking tasty herbs and roots from the forest. But first we have a wood chopping school – where we learn you how to chop wood and make a fire in the safest way possible.

The meal is based on local specialties like moose/reindeer meat or fresh fish, potatoes, herbs and roots, vegetables and of course the main ingredients, handmade bark cheese from the small dairy Caserum, Kalvträsk. The bark cheese puts a special and unique flavour to the meal. On top of that we put some homemade lingonberry jam whose bittersweet flavour adds an extra dimension to the cooking. During this session we also gets to enjoy the beauty and silence of the vast nature which surrounds the camp.


  • 8-10 persons 500sek/person
  • 4-7 persons 700sek/person
  • 2-3 persons 1200sek/person


  • 1st of May – 29th of September

Time duration:

  • 1,5 – 2 hours